Issue 6

Call for Essays

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#issue_6   Deadline: June 28, 2020. This issue is scheduled for publication in September 2020.

Special issue on postmodern age. Appearances of a contemporary phenomenon in design, fashion, architecture, film, and art.

Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Jean Baudrillard, Jean-François Lyotard, and Jacques Derrida, as well as Susan Sontag, Judith Butler, and many other authors, have analyzed our culture and society and its phenomena in a new way. Therefore, they have introduced a concept of postmodernism that shakes the foundations of our understanding of society and ourselves. But almost nobody –except research– knows about its meaning. So this special issue aims to present their basic ideas and discuss the phenomena, not of verbal articulations, but of non-verbal images. In this way, we are asking for contributions of extended essays on art, media, and culture regarding a postmodern perspective. The following questions are intended to facilitate access to the task and its possible focus:

Which concepts discussed by postmodern philosophers can be identified in artistic media? Are there differences between the media concerning the same concept? Please give one or more examples.

What role do the artistic media play in preserving or deconstructing the “myths of everyday life” (Barthes)?

What methods are used to address the recipient effectively? In this context, can organizational forms be distinguished that aim at an unconscious or conscious address?

Are there differences between the self-understanding of the individual artistic media and, thus, the position they grant to the recipient? Are there any differences at all?

What is the relationship between the behavioral and action-relevant aspects of postmodernism and traditions in a philosophy that proposes epistemological and pleasurable approaches?

The main task of the special issue of the Art Style Magazine is, therefore, to discuss and clarify the conditions of postmodernism and its functional and effective modalities, as well as its individual and social consequences, either individually or comparatively, using examples from various artistic media. We seek contributions that take up the challenge of demonstrating the postmodern understanding of images of artistic media and their respective individual and normative effects, as well as their possible immersive and deconstructive operations.

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