Peer-Review Process

Papers submitted to Art Style Magazine are subject to strict peer review and published in the online issue when two external reviewers have approved them. Deadlines and publication dates are designated in each respective issue’s planning stages. We will get back to authors with acceptance or nonacceptance feedback after the reviewers have evaluated the contributions, and we will inform them about the publication schedule.

The author should prepare a complete text minus any running headers of author names. It is essential to allow a blind review.

The author’s name is required on the title page and biography. For the review process, it will be omitted.

There is no problem if the author wishes to cite his or her publications in the bibliography. The works cited in the bibliography may include those of the author because without identifying the author’s name in the text, the reviewers have no way of knowing who among the authors in the bibliography is the author of the article under review.

To maintain the double-blind review process, authors should not know who their proposed reviewers are and vice versa. The reviewers should use the available Art Style Magazine’s peer review form.

Art Style Magazine outlines the best practice principles for publications. For more information, see Research Publishing Ethics and Author Guidelines.


Papers submitted to Art Style Magazine are automatically checked for plagiarism; if a paper is plagiarized, it will not be accepted. All published articles go through the plagiarism scanner and must meet the ethical standards of academic conduct. If plagiarism is discovered in a published article, the plagiarized piece will be removed, and the author will no longer be able to publish in this magazine.