8 | no. 1

Art Style | Art & Culture International Magazine, an online and peer–reviewed magazine devoted to art and culture, invites the submission of extended essays.

The theme of the upcoming edition is:

Metropolis: Visual Dynamic and Democratic Ideals

Recently, a number of events have taken place in major metropolitan centers that have highlighted democratic ideals in the international arena through the media and the arts. These events have encouraged the Art Style Magazine team to think about visual dynamics, as elaborated in this issue proposal. In these conditions, the images’ analysis focuses on the visual aspects allusive to the metropolis’s daily life, in the sense of a social aesthetic (Berleant 2017). These images appear in cultural events, media, and the most diverse areas of public space. In addition, the visual phenomena give rise to discussions and present new elements that need to be analyzed and discussed in relation to the media image, artifacts, contemporary art, and the metropolis’s daily rhythm. For this purpose, Art Style Magazine hopes to select articles supporting the relationship between the image and urban life for its current issue. Specifically, the theme focuses on the awareness of the representativeness of citizenship, while respecting the international norms of human rights regarding the exercise of freedom of expression and communication. Therefore, the analysis is based on the elements that constitute democratic society, with common and reciprocal values for the quality of life and the politicization of the individuals that compose it. A visual analysis of these elements in their social context, as aesthetic, political, and fundamental experiences of liberty by the social actors, becomes essential. In these conditions, images produced as part of the urban culture and rhythm—art, photographs, films, videos, dance, theater, advertising, design, architecture, fashion—are part of the complex system of the visual dynamics of society and democratic ideals.

The extended essays for this issue can center on critical and aesthetic theory, which ground this subject very well. While making use of these theoretical fundamentals, this issue focuses on technical advances in visual arts, moving images, and other aesthetic and political experiences related to the rhythm of society. The visual dynamic can offer narratives as an “image of reconciliation” and democratic ideals, which positively enables aesthetic experiences through the moving image or cinematography (Schoolman 2020). Schoolman’s work focuses on urban rhythms exploring the moving image and political-cultural aspects positively in opposition to Adorno’s aesthetic conceptions (1970). In this vein, this issue seeks to explore topics related to images and social reality, images that portray the socio-cultural context through the capacity that human beings have to create narratives that configure the collective consciousness and shape public opinion (Wagner 2017).

Finally, this edition proposal directly implies finding sensitive values with humanistic expectations still present in the traditional-innovation, real-digital, and true-false interfaces, which establish the dichotomies and polysemy in the visual representation of the metropolitan visual dynamics. Adopting an interdisciplinary focus on human and social sciences, proposals with political-cultural approaches to the arts and communication and proposals relating music to the visual arts, architecture and design, visual culture and its iconographic, historical, cultural anthropological, or semiotic studies are welcome. Finally, this edition is open to ideas that encompass this edition’s theme in the fields of arts, humanities and social studies.

Your contribution will be well-evaluated within the principles of good conduct and the editorial ethics of research. Articles must be based on respect for basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Submissions are now closed. The deadline for the submission of extended essays was June 30, 2021. This issue is scheduled for publication in September 2021.