Stay Safe. Stay Well. Stay Tuned for More Coverage of Art and Culture.

We are acting together, staying home and healthy, and trying to be motivated and productive. Let’s stay together and tuned in!


By Christiane Wagner, editor-in-chief

Due to this global health emergency, many of us are working online from home. Art Style Magazine is also working from home, and we think that it is essential to underscore the importance of open access to all educational resources, specifically science, in times of crisis and of the dissemination of reliable, up-to-date scientific information to the public, government officials, humanitarians, health workers, and scientists. In this sense, we seek to stay informed about the best way to keep up with mental health conditions, and it is essential to provide art and culture to everyone who is isolated at home. Therefore, we will be sharing content from cultural institutions with, as always, open access online. We will also provide a session called Let’s stay tuned! that features publications devoted to shorter, creative concept-based pieces pertaining to arts and culture. This is where collaborators, journalists, students, and so forth will be welcome to submit interviews, opinion pieces, reviews of exhibitions and events, photo galleries, videos, works of art, and more!

To put this cause into practice, all interested in collaborating can participate by sending your pieces to our email:

We will take care of contributions, select essential works, and publish them.

The Art Style Magazine supports open access policies and Creative Commons licenses, cooperating effectively to respond to the unprecedented global health emergency caused by COVID-19.

Finally, we are acting together, staying home and healthy, and trying to be motivated and productive. Let’s stay together and tuned in!

Let’s stay tuned!

Focus on the #4 issue!

The What, the Why and the How of Media Preservation

by Hans Dieter Huber

Let’s start this new year with our latest edition of Art Style Magazine! In it, we have highlighted the importance of digital cultural heritage. Some essential problems are discussed concerning media preservation, as well as the selection of contents and their usefulness for posterity. See an essay by Hans Dieter Huber that shows us what must be preserved for posterity and the conditions between what is analogical and digital in its preservation processes, especially regarding media preservation. Enjoy your reading!

The Church of Our Lady, Dresden 2011. Photo: Hans Dieter Huber.